When Does Hunting Season Start in New Brunswick?

Hunting season begins in New Brunswick, Canada on Labour Day Weekend every year and continues through Thanksgiving. You’ll find more information about the hunting seasons for other states including Ontario and Quebec on


Hunters are not allowed to hunt during the time that they are prohibited from hunting which is from July 16th until the 1st day of January in any new year; so hunters would be required to wait until January 2nd before being able to hunt again in 2017 and 2018 for example. The Big Game Hunting Season in New Brunswick is normally from the first week of January to the last week of February (depending on weather conditions) so always check the dates of the big game season with a province website.

The small game bag limits are as follows:

During Elk Season, a Hunter may take one elk with up to four deer or one mule deer. With either tag, no more than two elk or four deer may be taken in any season. During Black Bear Season, Hunters may take two black bears with any tag and no more than two black bears may be taken during any campaign. During Mule Deer Season, a Hunter may take one mule deer with any tag. With either tag, no more than two mule deer may be taken in any season.

In New Brunswick, the laws of the province state that you can only hunt big game during the closed season, elk (Mammoth) Season, bear season and deer season. Though none of this seasons are in effect yet at this moment so you could hunt but you would be breaking some kind of law simply by doing so. Any kind of hunting during these closed seasons is illegal unless it is for food for human consumption or for a great business purpose like a zoo or breeding establishment. It is also illegal to hunt during the time that hunting is prohibited.

If you do hunt in New Brunswick, you would be required to have proper licensing and you would have to keep a record of names and dates of all deer, elk, bear and mule deer killed. You can check license requirements for an original New Brunswick License or a New Brunswick Licensure/License Card at this url: http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/hunting-fish-wildlife/licences.aspx

New Brunswick closes hunting season on the first Saturday in November, unless the season is extended to the second week of December. This is a three-week period. Hunting closes during this period because there are people who may be hunting or trapping in New Brunswick during this time period; therefore, people can be injured or killed by these hunters or trappers. Hunting and trapping is not allowed in New Brunswick from Nov 1 – Dec 15, 2016 (unless extended) and the last day booked for this closure will be Sunday November 26th at 12:01am.

In New Brunswick, it is illegal to hunt during the closed season. In reference to hunting during this time period, hunting and trapping is not allowed from November 1 – December 15 (unless extended). You will have to have a white archery or a combination whitetail deer and elk license or a black archery combination license for this period of time. You will have to keep a record of names, dates of kill and make sure that you have the proper licenses when you do so.

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