when to put out hummingbird feeders in new brunswick

When to put out hummingbird feeders in new brunswick is a question people often ask and we will go over the basics of when to start using them in this blog post.

Most people recommend putting out one hummingbird feeder on the first day of spring, which can be as early as March 22nd for those who live in New Brunswick. The first few days are an ideal time for spotting migrating birds that have just arrived into our region and finding out where you may see them before they migrate again or make their homes here permanently.

The reason for this is that there will be a lot of natural food, such as insects and the first flowers blooming, which the hummingbirds prefer to feed on. You should definitely keep your hummingbird feeder filled with sugar water from March 22nd until October 31st. This is when most of our hummingbirds here in New Brunswick are migrating and looking for food. After October 31st, you may switch to your normal seed mixture for winter if you choose.

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