Where to Find Beach Glass in New Brunswick

There are few things more satisfying than gathering a handful of smooth, cool beach glass.

The sound it makes as you rub two pieces together invokes a feeling that is hard to describe, but for anyone who has experienced it, the elation of finding beach glass is unforgettable. Most people associate the term “beach glass” with polished blue or green glass from bottle.

But there are many other types of beach glass out there waiting to be found by eager treasure hunters and collectors.

In this article, we’ll go over where to find beach glass in New Brunswick!

Where to Find Beach Glass in New Brunswick

New Brunswick has over 70 beaches public beaches, and there are a variety of places to find beach glass in New Brunswick.

In the summer, most people go out specifically to find shell or glass beads. But in the winter, quartz, agates and beach stones can be found by digging through the sand.

Beach glass is rather soft and therefore easily damaged. If you want to find beach glass in New Brunswick you have to be careful because most of the beach veining occurs at the high tide mark.

This means that it’s important for you to find out where exactly at high tide the sand that you’re dealing with here is higher than your current location.

One of the most common places to find beach glass in New Brunswick is at any of the beaches along Nepisiguit Bay.

The beaches here are s known worldwide for their exceptionally high concentration of blue coloured beach glass, but it’s also known for the presence of many other colours.

If you’re looking for clear or white colored beach glass, then you should head down to Shediac Bay or any other sandy spots near the water. The wind and water can often uncover some pieces that were previously buried in the sand. Not only can you find a wide variety at Shediac Bay, but if you’re willing to go along the rocky ledges of Shediac Bay, you’ll be able to find quite a few as well.

If you’re looking for green beach glass, then you want to head over to the Fundy Coastal Drive or Fundy National Park. Since green is such a rare color, chances are that there will be many pieces to choose from. The only problem with this location is that it’s quite far south of New Brunswick’s shoreline; it’s not exactly a convenient place for most people in the province to visit very frequently.

For those who enjoy searching for rare colors of beach glass, head down to Saint John and check out Beach Drive. This location is filled with a colourful array of treasures from the sea.

How Good is the Beach Glass in New Brunswick?

Unfortunately, there is no observable difference between the glass found on New Brunswick’s beaches and that of other locations in the world.

The only real difference is in the availability of certain types of glass such as pear, amethyst and beige.

In other words, all beach glass from elsewhere can also be found in New Brunswick.

You can also go rockhounding in New Brunswick if you’re looking for another fun outdoor exploration activity.

New Brunswickers are well known for their enthusiastic and creative use of beach glass.

Helpful Tips for Finding Beach Glass

assorted beach glass on ground

There are many things that you can do to increase your finds and chances of beach glass in New Brunswick. Below are some helpful tips for the avid beach glass hunter.

Check the weather

The only way that you’ll be able to find any beach glass is if the beach has just had a storm, or if it’s been raining for several days on end.

You need a lot of water to expose all the white sand, and this means that you need rain or high winds.

Go out into a nearby forest and check which direction the wind is coming from. If you see a lot of trees with broken branches, then chances are that there was heavy wind blowing in from an ocean or bay side direction.

Check the tide charts

When people go out to look for beach glass in New Brunswick, they tend to check the tides as well.

If you visit a beach during low tide, then you’re going to have a tough time finding any quality pieces. Low tides are a great time for you to go explore the edges of New Brunswick’s beaches.

Check for waterfalls

Often times in New Brunswick, you can find high concentrations of beach glass by following the path of small waterfalls or streams that trickle down from nearby hills.

If you see an area around a waterfall that is full of sand and pebbles, then chances are that there will be beach glass there as well.

It’s also important to remember that the glass from these areas is usually smooth and white. If you’re looking for something other than white, then keep on walking.

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Check for blowholes

You can find a lot of beach glass in New Brunswick if you look hard enough.

Dig through the sand near blowholes and you will definitely find yourself some pieces of glass.

Many times, small pieces of sea glass can get stuck inside small openings that are created by water flowing out of the blowhole at high tide.

If you’re lucky they will stay there until they get covered up with sand again – leaving them exposed forever (or until someone shakes their hand through the sand).

Head down to the water

Of all the places that you should go to find beach glass in New Brunswick, this is one of the best.

Since there have not been many storms lately and no rain has fallen, you can expect there to be a wide variety of beach glass on most parts of New Brunswick’s beach.

If you do end up finding little pieces of sea glass at the base of a blowhole, then that’s even better because now you know that there must be much more just below the surface which will only be exposed after a storm comes through.

There are so many different types of stones and other types of treasures that every person who collects them will have their own way of going about it.

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