Where to Pan for Gold in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of the best places in Canada to find gold, silver and other metals. It is not uncommon to find people panning or “placer mining” for these minerals, especially in rivers and streams.

There are many places to pan for gold in New Brunswick. The Restigouche River and its tributaries, the Miramichi River, the Saint John River and its tributaries, and the upper portion of rivers in northern New Brunswick (such as Fredericton, Grand Falls and Woodstock) are good places to start.

Searching for Gold in New Brunswick

The type of gold you can find depends on your location.

Gold deposits are richest near bedrock outcrops (along a stream or river or on a beach or bank).

You may find gold along bedrock outcrops in streams collecting sediment eroded from these outcrops.

Gold is also found along riverbanks where the bedrock is exposed at the edge, or where the bedrock tends to have an erosional edge (where soil has been stripped from

A thick layer of black gravel is a good indicator of an exposed bedrock outcrop.

Sometimes gold can be found in small quantities in some of these places but you need to know that it is there — and then you need to know how to find out more about it.

The best way to find out about gold deposits is on the internet. Look up “gold deposits” in New Brunswick, and you get a description of what they are like, including how hard they are to find.

This information is usually given in terms of how many tonnes of gold there would be in an area if all the gold were mined.

Gold is usually found in quartz veins, which are a result of bedrock being slowly eroded over many years by a river. Gold is frequently found alongside these quartz veins. Gold can also be found along the edges of bedrock outcrops where erosion has exposed the bedrock to its full extent.

The best chance for finding gold off this exposed bedrock is during spring flood conditions when water washes away dirt from the bedrock and exposes it to small amounts of sunlight. You may find small amounts of gold (in nuggets or flakes) along with other sediment deposited by water erosion.

Where to Find Gold in New Brunswick?

New Brunswick is the perfect place for you to get started if you’re wondering where to find gold. World class placer gold deposits can be found throughout the province, with some of the best concentrations located in the rivers and creeks of Victoria county.

If you’re an experienced prospector or a curious beginner, you’ll find plenty of incentives to learn more about panning for gold in this majestic region of Canada. All it takes is a bit of research and an eagerness to explore nature’s hidden treasures before embarking on your very own search for golden riches.

Tips for Panning for Gold in New Brunswick

To find gold, you need to pan for it. Panning is a simple process that allows you to separate the light materials (such as sand and gravel) from the heavier material in a stream or river.

You need a metal pan, a bucket and some water. A stainless steel or aluminium pan is best because you do not want traces of acid from other metals to react with any gold you might find.

The amount of water used depends on how much material there is to sift through when panned — for example, on sandy riverbanks there will be larger amounts of sediment than along rocky shorelines of rivers where erosion through water and glacial action have exposed bedrock.

Fill the pan with water, and wet the sediment in it. Move the pan to different positions until you find the angle that causes a pocket of water (or a vortex) to be formed in the bottom of the pan, and then let it sit there for five minutes or so. This will allow you to see what is being deposited on top of the sand.

Separate off some of this material (it will have a higher density than what goes in your bucket) using your fingers as you would when washing dishes, and dump it into a bucket. Repeat this process until all sediment has been panned through, leaving only small amounts of material at the bottom of your pan (which may include gold).

Final Thoughts on Gold Panning

Gold panning is a fun activity that you can do with friends and family. You never know what you will find when you start to pan.

Many hobby collectors will not stop at just one nugget — they add to their collection of nuggets, flakes, and dust over time.

This activity can also help you decide if mining for gold is something you want to try more seriously in the future.

If you start out as a hobby collector, then maybe down the road in years to come you will decide to get professional help with your prospecting efforts.

Expecting to find gold on your first attempt without any knowledge or training could lead nowhere — so start small, and build up from there.

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