where to see moose in new brunswick

Where To See Moose In New Brunswick

The hashtag #moosewatch has been trending on twitter for the past month, and people from all over the world are tuning in to see these majestic creatures. Although you can find many moose in Maine, Vermont and upstate New York, there are some places in New Brunswick that should be added to your bucket list if you want to see these animals for yourself. With its remote landscapes and picturesque views, we recommend that you visit these locations when searching for moose: Fundy National Park; three Lakes Tour; Hopewell Rocks; the Acadian Forest. It’s not difficult to explore this province with its abundance of natural wonders waiting around every corner. These locations are just a few that we recommend for you to visit if you’re willing to embark on the ultimate quest to find moose in New Brunswick.

Fundy National Park

If seeing a moose is what you hope to achieve during your trip, there is nothing more rewarding than spending an afternoon surrounded by these amazing creatures. This area of New Brunswick is known as the last wilderness area in the province, and is home to many different animals such as coyotes, bald eagles and porcupines. On your adventure here, you will have the opportunity to hike one of Fundy National Park’s many trails and observe these animals along with having the chance run into a moose. The 1.5 km trail is accessible to all and will take you to a breathtaking view where you can see the Atlantic Ocean while enjoying the fresh air.

Three Lakes Tour

If you’re looking to witness a moose in New Brunswick up close, visiting this area where fundy national park meets three lakes will definitely give you those views. The area is about an hour’s drive from Fredericton which can be reached by car or bus services. It is one of the province’s most popular locations because of its beauty, beaches and wildlife that are found here. You are encouraged to travel on a boat tour where your guide will show you around with some pointers on what to look out for while viewing this area.

Accotash Rocks

A great place to view moose in New Brunswick is Accotash Rocks, located in what used to be the Fundy National Park. You can reach this area by car or boat where you will have the chance to go on jeep tours and swim throughout the rocks provided that you are with a guide. In addition, Accotash is a designated wilderness area and home to an abundance of wildlife such as black bears, wolves and other animals. If you’re planning on visiting this area for an adventure that will give you the views of moose in New Brunswick, look no further because Accotash Rocks is definitely one of the best places for families to explore. It’s also a great place to visit if you’re looking to get married. The area is also known to be quite quiet and peaceful as well where you will be able to stay as long as you want.

The Acadian Forest

This area is often overlooked by tourists simply because it’s located closer to the city of Saint John instead of Fredericton but this doesn’t mean that viewing moose in New Brunswick isn’t possible. The closest major road from Fredericton is Route 11 which can take travellers up to an hour or longer depending on the traffic. The Acadian Forest is a region filled with giant trees and offers a peaceful setting which makes it great for camping or picnics. You will find many trails in this area which will lead you to see moose if you’re lucky.

Although there are many places to see moose, these locations are some of the best and most convenient ones in New Brunswick. If you visit these areas during your trip, we guarantee that what you’ll encounter is a breathtaking view and experience that can only be described as an adventure of a lifetime.

Tips for Seeing Moose in the Wild

If you want to see a moose in New Brunswick, it’s important that you make an effort to get out and explore the province. You can check the weather forecast for moose sightings on the Moose Watch website which will alert visitors of peak times for seeing these animals throughout the year.

Dress appropriately by bringing along a light jacket in case it rains or if it gets colder during the night. This is especially important if you’re heading out early in the morning as it may rain later in the day and that could affect your sighting schedule.

Carry a map and compass. Although moose are easier to spot than other animals, it’s recommended that you don’t rely too much on your GPS. Make sure you have a map and compass with you as back-up so you won’t get lost.

If you are planning on camping during your trip, bring along a tent during the summer where the weather is milder. Check what the weather forecast says in order to prepare for possible showers or storms during your trip and make sure to keep your tent dry at all times.

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