why is new brunswick so cheap?

If you’re wondering how this province, with a little over 100,000 residents, can possibly have the lowest cost of living in Canada… well here’s the answer.

New Brunswick is one of four provinces (British Columbia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland) without a provincial sales tax — that means you won’t be paying any extra tax on your purchases. Plus it has some of the lowest gas prices in all of Canada — one of our readers shared that they bought gas for under $1.30 per litre! Our proximity to border states also helps keep prices low as we take full advantage of their strength as an economic power by importing goods across borders to save our citizens money and time on shipping costs.

If you’re wondering about the other three provinces that currently don’t have a provincial sales tax, these are Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

It’s important to note that other provinces and territories do have local taxes too — for example you’ll pay Sales Tax in the 902 area code in Ontario and it will be 5% of your purchase price. Our buyers report that these taxes are completely different from the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) so it is important to understand the different.

Does this mean we can sell you things cheaper than our neighbours? Yes it does! Our lowest cost of living is a major part of our corporate image because we want to remind everyone living here how great our province is.

Bottom line? We are attracting new residents every day with our low cost of living and we’ll keep doing so until the entire country has heard.

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