Is New Brunswick Worth Visiting?

New Brunswick is home to a diverse and unique culture. Its changing urban landscape tells the story of a thriving city that attracts new residents from around the world.

New Brunswick is one of Canada’s oldest English-speaking cities (it’s bilingual today) that has always been a hub for immigrants and visitors alike. The location is set in an area between two bodies of water, making it easy to access the ocean and river, as well as its fascinating surroundings.

The different areas in New Brunswick boast hundreds of attractions for tourists: scenic parks, museums, art galleries, golf courses are only some places you’ll find here.

This proves that this province is worth visiting, especially for people who are looking for a beautiful destination.

Is New Brunswick Worth Visiting?

New Brunswick is also home to a wide variety of cultural offerings, from festivals and heritage sites to sports grounds.

The city hosts the only royal wedding in Canada, which is a must-see event. The province is also considered as the place where golf was developed, having been born here the earliest version of this sport.

Lack of fresh water and snow provide the perfect conditions for skiing and skating lovers, who can enjoy an outdoor experience all year round.

Tourism sector in New Brunswick has been growing and keeping pace with more hotels being built in different areas of the province.

The city of Saint John is a fun place that provides tons of activities to anyone who visits it.

Visitors can take part in its winter festivals which offer tons of opportunities for people who love ice and snow sports. Its climate is perfect for beach lovers, as well as those who enjoy river or ocean activities.

The city hosts the Queen’s official residence and seat of the Royal Family, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Castle.

Another popular destination is the Fort Beauséjour National Historic site in Shediac, also known as Fort Beausejour National Historic Site Reserve, located on a promontory with magnificent views over the Saint Lawrence River.

Why You Should Visit New Brunswick

New Brunswick is an exciting place to visit and explore. Its diversity and cultural richness prove that it is worth visiting.

The many dark and gloomy tales about New Brunswick would have you believe that it’s a province of cold, foggy winters and struggling fishermen.

The reality is more complicated than such a short description.

Lots of people explore the province, especially in the wintertime when a little snow does wonders for the coastal beauty. So if you’re hankering to experience some outdoor adventures, check out this list of places that are worth visiting in New Brunswick!

Hopewell Rocks

This site has been dubbed “Canada’s Grand Canyon” and has been voted one of Canada’s Seven Wonders.

Located on the north shore of St. George Island and accessible by trail, it’s a beautiful place to hike and experience some of the highest cliffs in North America (more than 200 meters).

The rocks and coastline have never been altered by human activity, so you get a feel for what it might have looked like when dinosaurs roamed the planet (that’s a pretty big yet likely false assumption; that is to say, dinosaurs didn’t roam New Brunswick.

At least they didn’t live there, but if they did this place would probably be worth visiting).

Check out the Hopewell Rocks website for more information.

Fundy National Park

The Bay of Fundy boasts the highest tide in the world (up to 15 metres), and you can see it in all its glory at this national park.

The park also features hiking and camping opportunities, as well as an interpretation center and aquarium.

It’s a great place to take pictures of waterfalls, ferns and rocks, but don’t forget your swimsuit: there are plenty of spots to go for a dip!

Check out the Fundy National Park website for more information!

Hopewell Rocks

Yes, that’s right – we said Hopewell Rocks twice.

But the place is so beautiful, it deserves to be mentioned twice.

Located just west of Saint John on Route 1, it’s well worth the trip if you’re heading down that way. Don’t forget your swim suit!


A lot of people are curious about moving to Fredericton.

This city has a small-town feel despite its status as Canada’s capital city and largest city – you might also be wondering, is Fredericton worth visiting?

A must-see is Prince’s Square, which was home to J.P. Taylor, Fredericton’s oldest resident, who lived to be 111. From the Square you can take in the architecture of many beautiful buildings, including the lovely Loyalist Town Clock.

If you’ve seen New Brunswick as an independent province, you might remember it as a place with lots of Loyalists (United Empire Loyalists), and New Brunswick takes pride in their heritage by preserving some of their historical sites (including Upper Canada Village).

You might also be curious – is Fredericton a good place to live? People also ask – is Fredericton safe? Read our posts to find out!

Sackville Waterfowl Park

Sackville is a cute village about 20 minutes from downtown Saint John.

It features historic buildings and tree-lined streets that make for a pleasant stroll.

Towards the west end of town is Sackville Waterfowl Park, a great place to go on a sunny summer afternoon especially if you like birds. Wildlife abounds and there are viewing platforms for bird watchers.

Queen’s University

Located in Fredericton, Queen’s is an excellent school that has produced many notable alumni, including three Nobel Prize winners and five fellows of the Royal Society of Canada.

It’s also said to be one of the most haunted schools in the world, so if you’re into ghosts and legends, this might be worth your time.

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